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I Put Smiles On Faces & Help Others To Do The Same

How can I help you!?


I am happy you’re here.  

Please do not leave without leaving me a note.

Please tell me how I may be of service to you today. It’s what I live for.

I want to help you to be happier more often!

To achieve your goals before you're in a coffin!

I want you to know your Neurodiversity is a gift!

I want to help you stay on track if you drift!

I want to help you to lose that Weight! 

I want to help you to get yourself Straight!

I want to make sure I see you soar!

I guarantee this and I'll never bore!

Let’s start getting $hi…"Stuff" done!

You’ve arrived here for some reason or another…

  • Maybe you need a speaker, emcee or an icebreaking facilitator to warm up the audience for your big events, your “summits” or “retreats” filled with people who are basically strangers or meeting for the first time.

  • Does your message or project need a voice?

  • Does your project or campaign need to be punched up kick of humor?

  • Are you here because your team needs to learn new ways to perform better and exist in their happy zone more often?

  • Perhaps your business can use a team bonding session or an interactive lecture on better performance, self-accountability, neurodiversity, Incorporating Humor in your interactions, Improving mental agility improvisational thinking and even the Pros and Cons of Cannabiz.

  • Maybe it’s because you’d like me to come to workshop any of the above with your EO, YPO Forum, BNI, YEC, Vistage meeting, Executive Staff, Mastermind, Association, Non-Profit Benefit, Sales & Marketing groups, realtors, attorneys, teachers’

  • …or perchance to simply help you learn how to live with your 94 yr. old Mother-in-law.

  • I will share decades of practical hands on (and feet on) experiential knowledge.

  • I can help you Virtually or Physically.

What do you need?


Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 



Without leaving me a note.

Please tell me how I may be of service

to you today. It’s what I'm here for.

Adam Sietz is a Multi-Award Winning Performance Professional


Professional Stand-Up & Improvisational Comedian

CEO Comedy Crash Course™

Peak Performance Coach

ADD/ADHD Mentoring

Interactive Workshops

Seminars & Lectures

Instant Song Creator

Coach B4 first Date

Team Bonding

Sales Training








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