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“Adam is absolutely spot on with incorporating improv skills and improvised exercises in your business. We now use a lot of improv in many of the things we do. It helps us to remain present, in the moment and to open up the ideas. The creativity flows easier and your team enjoys the process”

    Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, Vayner Media

"Every once in a while, you meet someone that is bigger than life. They somehow can fill a room with their enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Adam personifies what's right in this world. Honest, hardworking, creative and always filled with what is possible. And to top it off, his pretty darn funny, especially for a guy from New York. One of a kind. Now if I can just figure out how to get him to move to Texas...." 
  Ken Schaefer, President, Schaefer Advertising Co., Dallas, TX, USA


"I go back a very long time with Adam. To whatever extent you may consider an association with him or any endeavor he is involved with, I want you to know that you would be dealing with a complete professional that delivers. Whether it is Writing & Performing or Ad/Marketing, Speaking to Team building, if he says it’s going to rain, bring an umbrella."

    Ave Butensky, President Emeritus, Viacom Intl. & Television Bureau of Advertising - TVB


"Adam is a one-of-a-kind mentor that has helped me develop professionally as a leader and communicator. He's a creative mastermind that has taught me about the art of improvisation and communicating with comedy. Additionally, his voiceover work, the best in class. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their communication at work and at home, create a better work environment, or find a voice to represent the company."

    Allan Grant, Co-Founder of Hired and Curebit, Inc./Talkable - Hacker/Entrepreneur

"We hired Adam to help conduct a creative communication workshop for some leading student entrepreneurs at the New York Stock Exchange back in 2009. Adam was very well received. His facilitation of the group was professional and provided excellent take home value. He is funny, personable and an absolute professional. We have used Adam's consulting coaching services many times since, and I will use him again for sure."

    Kevin Langley, Global Chairman, Entrepreneurs Organization & GEW Global Board member

"Adam has been a great asset to our team for years. He has been a quadruple threat for us. We have utilized his skills as a writer, Host/Emcee, a presentation/performance coach and a team building facilitator. He makes us all smile each and every time he walks in the door. My recommendation couldn't be higher.  A Plus...Plus...with extra credit!"

    Fran Biderman-Gross, CEO/Strategista of Advantages

“If you need your team to think on their feet to anticipate and creatively respond to the tough questions your customers and co-workers can throw at them, Adam Sietz and his team at Improvolutions is the answer. My staff found that preparation and improvisation were the keys to doing business better. I recommend Improvolutions without hesitation.”     
    Susan Lindner, CEO Innovative Storytellers, Lotus & Emerging Media PR, New York, NY, USA


“After hiring Adam (now five times), the exercises he left us with have become an asset to my company. The ability for my team to learn how to really be present in discussions and trust the truth and power of their ideas has become a distinct competitive advantage for my business. Adam is a master at making the experience fun and connecting the "play" with the real world value it delivers. If you have the good fortune of working with Adam & his organization, DO IT NOW! Your staff, clients and bottom line will thank you for it.”    

    Brian Handrigan, Founder of Advocado & CEO of Recursive Labs, St. Louis, MO., USA       

“I’ve had the pleasure to have seen Adam work three times now. He really changes the mood. He’s smart and he’s funny, He made us laugh, learn and most of all, he made us happy… and what can be better than that?”
   Alfredo Molina, Molina Group & Black Starr & Frost, Phoenix, AZ

“I met Adam more than a decade ago. I found Adam to be resourceful, smart and able to spot opportunities for improvement. We have worked together many times since. Besides his professionalism and business acumen, Adam has an amazing way of teaching innovative methods of communicating someones ideas creatively and it helps that he has a great sense of humor. You won’t regret doing business with this young man.” 
    Eddie LeVian, CEO, LeVian Corp., Great Neck, NY., USA

"Now 2 times I have been able to enjoy watching Adam help everyone in the room break down the communication barriers, enjoy themselves and have fun. This time, there were people from different cultures, countries and all speaking different languages, and yet his methods work! At the end of the day he is very effective in getting people to communicate as if they were old friends in what could otherwise be an uncomfortable position". 
   Jose M. Romaguera, PhD, Past President of the Intl. Council for small Business, Puerto Rico 

"Adam is a tremendous asset to any workshop or function. He holds the floor and makes us laugh, but doesn’t dominate. It was a great day". 
  Tony Falkenstein, Owner of Just Water Intl. Ltd. & Bartercard Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand
"The most important thing I learned from the session was to be truly present. I have seen people become selfish. They hear, but do not listen. The exercises we did helped to give us some important tools toward more fun and success in our business".
   Milagro Gambo, Owner of Instant Tax Back, San Jose, Costa Rica

"He was quickly able to break the ice for us. He broke down all the barriers and successfully got us to speak with more creativity, confidence and emotion. And he made me laugh a lot!"
   Hassan Hamdan, Founder & CTO of Unifonic, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“At first it was weird to play around and have fun, but he really got us to connect. It was amazing. Thanks!”
  Vincent Cheung, CEO of Loupe / Shape Collage, Inc & Engineer at Meta, Vancouver, Canada


“It was a great session; the lecture and the exercises gave us a way to break in to more serious conversation which was getting into the bulk of the wisdom we could share with each other. It had a lot of benefit for all of us.”
   Brayden Olson, Co-Founder & CEO Almas Insight, Recurrance, Novel, Bellevue, WA., USA 


"When I worked with Adam, it was absolutely delightful as well as purposeful. His approach to consulting is unique and heartfelt. He is adept at managing a broad range of personalities in the room, build rapport and increase comfort levels quickly so that walls came down and people engaged in the process of creatively communicating.  His creativity and techniques jolt people out of their everyday experience and encourage them to think and problem solve in different ways. Adam is the type of person whose mere presence and energy can change the tone of a room.  He has an uncanny ability to connect deeply with individuals in a very short time and bring out the creative genius in each of us through his artful mastery and facilitation. Adam took the audience beyond "just another advisor" to a meaningful, memorable and applicable experience for all the participants.  The creative energy and activity was trans-formative!"Not only that, it's a heck of a lot of fun!"

    Megan O’Brien, Brand Strategist - Owner at Visual Ingenuity, LLC. St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“Even though most of us shared the same company mindset, it took Adam's session for us to be able to talk to each other and communicate openly. I really enjoyed it.”
   Chu Zhu, Co-founder & COO of SSE Global Business, Stockholm, Sweden

“Our Company’s core values are discipline and fun.  It can be a challenge operating in a professional manner while fully capturing the attention of employees and customers.  It had been a long day of seminars and talking heads, but when Adam arrived and started his session (on Performance, Humor and Improvisation), the energy took off. Adam and his team were a huge help in showing us how to find ways to put more fun into our company. They helped us revitalize what we consider sacred to our company. They broke down all the barriers, I dare anyone going through this fun innovative program, and try to do it without a smile on your face…It is impossible, you can’t! I highly recommend it. 
   Chris Miller, Owner of Delta Real Estate Portfolio, LLC. Omaha, Nebraska, USA
“My experience with Adam has been wonderful. We have worked together on a number of activities over the years. He is not only a fantastic facilitator, and performance coach, but also a top notch Host/Emcee. I have seen what he has done with our group by bringing in humor and creative life skills to help us all grow. Adam and his team bring a unique element that will help any executive team or company.  Without any hesitation I fully recommend utilizing his services.”  
   Dean Lindal, President & Co-Founder, Venture Development Canucks, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Adam is full of great ideas, things you would have never thought of. I once heard life is a lot like jazz, it's much better when you improvise. Expect great learning and great laughs with Adam. "
   Pablo Hernandez O'Hagan - CEO, Ingenia Group, Polanco, Mexico

“Working with Adam was fantastic. He got everyone out of their comfort zone. And to do it with a Global Audience was a high achievement. We wouldn’t have been able to have such a successful program without him.”
    Emily Egan, VP, Emerging Programs at Entrepreneurs' Organization, Washington, D.C., USA



If that’s not enough, here are some more kind words

"I have known Adam for quite some time and I recommend him to anyone trying to improve themselves, their company or their organization. His ability to bring people to higher ground either in groups or one on one is unique, and anyone who has worked with him will tell you that. Working professionally with him was quite beneficial to my team and my client. From my experience, Adam has always been a terrific guy and whether you are considering working with him, taking one of his seminars or just want to know more about him, I would expect you to have a great experience."

    Jason Veduccio, Veduccio & Associates


"Adam is the ideal colleague...creative, funny (and serious at the same time), who always delivers above and beyond. If you're looking for an expert and "people person" all in one package, Adam is your guy."

    Barry Schwartz, Owner, Schwartz Public Relations Assoc., Inc.

"Comedy in the business world is an elusive commodity. If anyone can incorporate comedy in consulting, Adam is your man. He has a gift with humor as a tool in communicating and in living."

    Frank Sweeney, Owner, Sweeney Group Inc.

“Too often these workshop events can be stiff and people are too afraid to get up and do something different. Adam taught us to relax, enjoy ourselves and got everyone involved. He proved the simplest little things can make the biggest difference in a classroom setting, meeting or a conference. By getting people to interact, he got the best out of them. It was amazing to see what a laugh or a smile can do. The experience was unforgettable.”
   Daniel Taylor, Founder of, Harrow, United Kingdom

"I've worked with Adam a bunch of times over the years and he always delivers. While we start with a script where we end up is typically somewhere I hadn't pictured. He brings a lot to the party, has a unique perspective and for some reason, he remains a nice guy. I don't get it either...he's earned the right to go a little "diva." Collaborating is a treat as he brings his character's perspective to the discussion. A good dude."

    Jim Price, Partner at Oink Ink Radio and Owner, Oink Ink Radio

"Adam's advice and coaching throughout one of the most difficult challenges of my life was invaluable. Not only is he a wonderful coach and teacher, but his poise and sense of humor kept me cool and on target. As you can see, I cannot offer a higher recommendation of this consummate professional."

    Herbert Benkel, Chief of Endodontics at HUMC

"Adam has always been able to interject comedy into day-to-day situations. For professionals this is a priceless skill to learn. I bring him in as often as I can. If given the opportunity to work with him, I would say "jump at it" without hesitation and laugh your way to a more successful and fulfilling life!"

    Lisa Summerour, MSM, Vice-President Consulting Services at The Learner's Group

"I hired Adam 17 years ago when I first started working in events. I hired his comedy troupe for a Gala I was doing for the Boca Raton Pops. Everyone was really enthralled with him & he had us all laughing hysterically. Since then, I have hired Adam as a speaker, facilitator, team builder. A one of a kind, he is a great asset to any organization or to headline at your social functions. I highly recommend Adam now & I have been for almost two decades!"

    Amy Sukiennik, Director of Business Development at Agency BE

"Adam is an intelligent, charismatic individual with extraordinary communication and organizational skills. I have worked with him many times and would recommend him as a consultant, coach, or partner to anyone and everyone."

    Geoffrey Cantor, Chief Creative Consultant at Rethink the Conversation, LTD.

"Adams approach is right on point and refreshing. Inspiring and just simply "fun". His simple yet effective techniques can be applied to nearly every business situation and life's challenges. His coaching and advice was extremely valuable to me and my team. Truly a pleasure."

    Ed Tomson, PGA Golf Professional at Cedar Hill Country Club

"Adam Sietz is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with. His creativity and intelligence are surpassed only by his energy and commitment to any project, business, family or friend. His humility and leadership ability have made him an inspiration to me in my own career. Adam Sietz is a major asset to anyone’s business or life."

    Michael Panzeca, President at Panzuni, Inc.

"I have known and hired Adam Sietz for years. Adam is an extremely talented individual who brings an entrepreneurial and ownership mentality to whatever endeavor he undertakes. Over his career, Adam has experienced increasing levels of responsibility which began early in his career with taking a lead role in his family business. With those learnings as an underpinning, Adam proceeded to manage the growth of businesses and become a player in the world of acting, comedy and production all of which refined and then utilized his excellent interpersonal, sales, promotion and marketing skills as well as his acting and comedic abilities. 

Yet the sugar in Adam's recipe is his ability to infuse or show others how to infuse comedy, mirroring of behavior, and motivational and improvisational approaches to enhance any presentation, improve promotion of individuals or products, and to drive teams to perform. 

As an individual who has served as the President, CEO and Director of successful private and public companies, I know how important is to breathe life into your mission, your offerings and your team and Board. Adam has a unique ability to find the areas that need improvement and to bring his rare vantage point to the equation. I believe strongly that anybody working with Adam in this way will find the experience rewarding and valuable."

    Drew Fromkin, Executive Consultant & Former, VP Merck Medco & CEO Clinical Data

Really? You're still reading?

"A fresh prospective and talent of wisdom. Adam can work a small sit-down to a conference room. I have personally worked in the start-up stages with him, I would not choose a better man to be with in the trenches than Adam.

    Eric Cimber, Medical Consulting Services

"Adam is a tremendous guy and great instructor. Watching him work clearly shows he really cares about people. He is selfless and considerate in his approach. I give my highest recommendation to Adam."

    Corey Scurlock, National Medical Director at Advanced ICU Car

"My love, respect & total appreciation for Adam Sietz stems from his incredible personality which brings a level of professionalism, creativity, humor, and untapped resources to any situation, event, company, project, performance or medical procedure! He's just talented & the perfect combination of heart, blessings, family, man, & coffee! He can get it done whatever it may be! I've worked with him, for him & because of him! I thank the powers that be for him! He's also a great Dad & hubby!!! If you get a chance be on his team or add him to yours, don't hesitate, because he will be doing something superb and you'll miss out on greatness!"

    Tuffy Questell, Actor, Producer, Consultant of Film, Television & Casting especially!

"Adam knows funny. He knows business, and he knows the business of being funny. A very talented writer with an ear for pace & flow. Not only can he write brilliantly funny content, but he can help make yours better too."

    Chris Gannon, Manager of Development at KPMG

"Adam is a very clever and very driven instructor who knows how to get the best of his participants. I enjoyed myself greatly as did everyone else."

    Warren Bloom, NYC Department of Education – P.S. 8 (Robert Fulton School)

"Adam is what is known in the business as a triple threat–a producer, a performer, and a great guy to hang out and share a laugh with at The Frairs Club. He's also a bit of an oxymoron: he's a top level comedian with a solid work ethic."

    Tom Shillue, Owner, Tom Shillue Productions & Host of FOX News "Red Eye"

"Before I even go into my recommendation for Adam Sietz, I'd like to make it clear that, although I am recommending Adam as a "colleague", I have actually had the pleasure of interacting with him not only as a professional colleague, but also as a "student" of his as well as having had the advantage of him as a consultant to me throughout my career, and the privilege of his friendship. 

I have known Adam for over fifteen years. During that time, there have been periods where I have gone long stretches without seeing or speaking with Adam. However...during those times, I've found myself reflexively quoting him to others as well as passing on much of what he taught me to them; because what you learn from Adam easily becomes a part of you. I also have, during those times, made decisions regarding my career based on what I've learned from Adam. And whenever I have, it has only worked to my advantage. 

The deceptive thing about Adam is that he has the ability to put everyone in a good mood the moment you're around him. Even if you've just met him. He gets you to open up without realizing you're opening up. All this time, Adam is working even before he's begun working. This carries over to any interaction long after his "work" is done. It's almost like he does himself a disservice with how disarming he is, because anyone else with that level of skill filters it through a teacher/student attitude of condescension or arrogance. But Adam makes you feel that all he does for you and all you get from him has been in you all along. (For most everyone - it's not true. They never had it. And never would if not for Adam) 


But keep in mind - that positive energy and force can only come from a place of total awareness, understanding and ability to adapt. It's a true mastery of any situation. You get so much more from Adam than you realize. And all you get from him carries over into every aspect of your life. 

The man gives you tools. He shows you how to use them. Then, as time passes, you realize all along you've had additional tools that he gave you that you've been using as well. 

Adam's going to get plenty of people writing about how funny he is, how much they learned, what a great time they had, how professional he is, etc. So I don't need to say those things. Because all those things that everyone else is going to say about him -- that's a given. That part's covered. 

I'm going to end this now. Because if you've made it this far and you're not convinced, then it's only because you don't want to be. Or, you're an idiot."

    Robert Raymond - Supervising Producer at RDF USA (Politically Incorrect, SNL, The Man Show, etc.)

"I have known Adam his whole life! I'm His MOTHER! We have worked on many projects together and enjoyed ALMOST every minute of it! It's not easy to work that closely with a family member, especially my only son. But, not to be prejudice, He is a very talented, motivated and creative young man. He always has a kind word, is very thoughtful and his humor (naturally) is just so great, when you're with him and when you leave him, it's always with a smile.

    Marilyn Sietz, Exec. Director at Pageants of N.J. Inc.



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